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A modern control room for KGHM's best firefighters and rescuers

A modern control room for KGHM's best firefighters and rescuers

Thursday, 02 March, 2023

The construction of a new control room and administration building for KGHM firefighters and rescuers in Sobin has been completed. The new building of the Emergency Mining and Smelting Rescue Unit (JRGH), a KGHM division, was equipped with the highest quality communication systems and modern IT systems. The building was constructed using modern technology and is energy-efficient as it uses energy from the sun thanks to photovoltaics installed on the roof.



The facility consists of a control room with technical garages and an administrative area. The investment started in 2021 and cost more than PLN 5.5 million. Now rescuers have better working conditions, which translates into safety for KGHM employees and the entire Copper Belt. For example, the unit's number of trips to incidents at KGHM is around 30 a year, while the number of trips to accidents, fires or other emergencies in the Copper Belt is about 150.

The new control room is unique not only in terms of equipment. For the first time in the KGHM's history, conducting a rescue or evacuation operation is possible directly from Sobin. In the event of any incidents on the premises of KGHM divisions, JRGH dispatchers receive information and immediately take appropriate action.



 KGHM rescuers and firefighters are among the best in the world. Their professionalism and skills have been recognised on numerous occasions. At the recent International Mines Rescue Competition (2022), KGHM's mine rescuers took third place in one of the competitions, receiving a bronze medal.

The Emergency Mining and Smelting Rescue Unit (JRGH) celebrated its 25th-anniversary last year. The tasks of the ERU include providing essential assistance to all divisions of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. in eliminating the consequences of fires, rock bursts and crumps, water ingress, energy and mechanical failures, technical failures and chemical and environmental damage on the surface and in underground workings.

KGHM rescuers have helped and continue to help not only in connection with the company's mining or smelting operations. Their competencies are used, among others, during road accidents or firefighting, including abroad. The first trip was to help in Albania after the earthquake in December 1988. Subsequent ones followed in August and November 1999, when rescuers helped earthquake victims in western Turkey twice. Also, this year, in the very first hours after the earthquake, KGHM rescuers volunteered to help the victims in Turkey.

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