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Together for the residents of the Copper Belt

Together for the residents of the Copper Belt

Tuesday, 13 September, 2022
The KGHM is launching the second edition of the Depression Prevention Program for the residents of the Copper Belt and the Lubuskie Province - the company, together with local governments, is also planning further health-promotion and educational projects.

The health and safety needs of the region’s residents were discussed by participants of the regular meeting of the KGHM and representatives of the local governments. At the company’s headquarters in Lubin, the activities carried out so far were summed up, but further programs were also announced. Last year alone, more than 25,000 persons benefited from programs recommended at schools and mental health projects subsidized by the KGHM.

The programs that will be continued include the Depression Prevention and Prevention Program for the residents of the Copper Belt. Persons interested in the participation in the program will be able to take advantage of free lectures on this topic and consultations with specialists. The project is run by the KGHM with the participation of local governments and five non-governmental organizations. It is coordinated by the Family Formation Center association in Lubin. The second edition of the program will be geared toward helping people suffering from depression or the anxiety disorder. Refugees from Ukraine will also be able to benefit from the support.

The program will initiate a whole series of activities supported by the KGHM during the Mental Health Month. Lectures on cyberbullying and the anti-stress diet are scheduled for October, among others. More than 100 free consultations with psychologists will be available, among other places, in Legnica and Głogów.

The KGHM is also proposing to local governments the “Family, Development, Demographics” project, which concerns relationship building, identity, education, and recreation. The copper industry leader also offers participation in the KGHM NGO Academy, a series of training courses on the principles of volunteerism and building local partnerships.

As part of their educational efforts, local governments can take advantage of the free electronic newspaper subscriptions donated by the KGHM to libraries and schools. So far, nearly 30 local government institutions have benefited from this form of support.

The KGHM is also encouraging local governments to participate in educational prevention programs: Treasure Archipelago, Family Strengthening Program, and School for Parents and Educators. The following free publications can be provided to interested foundations or offices: Children in the Virtual Web, Family Activity Guide, and Senior Guide.

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