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Quarter of a million bottles of water from KGHM to help Ukrainian refugees

Quarter of a million bottles of water from KGHM to help Ukrainian refugees

Thursday, 30 June, 2022
Over 250 thousand bottles of water will be provided to Ukrainians who have fled their country due to the war and found shelter in Lower Silesia – the KGHM Foundation and the company from the copper giant's Group, Uzdrowiska Kłodzkie, have been providing donations to the refugee centres for several days.

Bottles with the Staropolanka mineral water have been delivered to the logistics centre organising aid activities, under supervision of the Lower Silesian Viovodeship Office, to the warehouses of Caritas Polska and local authorities, among others, in the area of Kłodzki Poviat. These organisations will take care of the distribution and delivery of water to the individual centres.

– Due to the current economic and macroeconomic situation, companies, as well as Polish people, find it more and more difficult to provide needed help. KGHM Group actively engages in aid activities since late February/early March and we are not going to stop. As long as support is needed, we will continue providing help using our capabilities, i.e. the KGHM Foundation and the its companies – said Lidia Marcinkowska-Bartkowiak, Director-General for Communication at KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

Łukasz Surażyński, President of the Management Board of Uzdrowiska Kłodzkie also says that "helping those in need is a task as important as everyday work and taking care of domestic businesses. In Uzdrowiska Kłodzkie and the entire KGHM Group we pay particular attention to aid activities".

Centrum Formacji Rodziny in Lublin engages in the activities of KGHM Foundation and Uzdrowiska Kłodzkie. We would like to illustrate the size of this undertaking by informing that the donated water has been transported by as many as 6 lorries.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, KGHM Group supports aid activities for refugees. Among other things, the company has provided a safe, temporary home for 250 families in assistance centres across Poland. Group companies provided, among other things, accommodation in sanatoriums, transported refugees to designated locations or transported donations for refugees. Moreover, companies have also donated hundreds of beds, mattresses or other essential equipment to the local authorities or NGOs in Lower Silesia.

In Lublin the company started the Support Centre for Ukrainians. In this Centre people in need may obtain legal or psychological support as well as receive assistance related to accommodation. KGHM also financed a transport of medicines to Ukrainian hospitals.

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