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One goal, three continents - volunteers of KGHM have crossed borders

One goal, three continents - volunteers of KGHM have crossed borders

Monday, 15 June, 2015

In Głogów, Poland, KGHM’s Polish volunteers rode their bicycles in relays for six hours. During that time, additional kilometres kept coming from overseas – from KGHM’s employees in Chile, Canada and the United States. In total, they had to complete 2 thousand kilometres on training bikes.

"We have proved that voluntary work has no boundaries, literally and figuratively speaking," says Herbert Wirth, President & CEO of the company. “KGHM is a global company, not only in the business perspective. Campaigns such as this show that we share the same system of values, and the kilometres or languages dividing us are not important, as regards helping other people”. 

The participants of the campaign accomplished their task and thus gathered funds for a rehabilitation trip for Wiktor, son of an employee of the Polkowice-Sieroszowice mine in Poland. The twelve-year-old has suffered from motor disability since he was born and requires permanent, costly treatment.

“The "We cycle kilometres across borders" is a campaign in which every effort, even the smallest, is important. Only the collective commitment of all participants can provide real aid for those in need,” says Bogdan Godlewski, coordinator of voluntary service in KGHM.  “Our employees have shown many times that we can rely on them in such situations.”

For more information about the "We cycle kilometres across borders" campaign," please visit the fanpage of the event:

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