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"Mieć wpływ” ("To have an impact") - the 2nd Lower Silesian CSR Conference "Sustainable Development in Family and Human Services"

"Mieć wpływ” ("To have an impact") - the 2nd Lower Silesian CSR Conference "Sustainable Development in Family and Human Services"

Wednesday, 25 November, 2020
Community involvement, changes in approach to business and sustainable development - KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. co-organised the 2nd Lower Silesian CSR Conference "Sustainable Development in Family and Human Services". The online meeting was attended by over 300 participants.

The participants also discussed the increasing importance of CSR focusing on employees and their families in companies. All these aspects are related to the ongoing social transformation associated with the technological revolution, climate change and demographic trends.

The meeting was opened by Adam Bugajczuk, Vice President of the Management Board of KGHM for Development, who stressed that community involvement is of great importance to the Company. - At KGHM, we initiate social programmes, such as supporting foster parenthood in the Copper Basin, engaging in senior citizens' support actions, developing voluntary work, and inviting people to get to know the region thanks to the "naMIEDZI" ("onCOPPER") application. We combine business objectives with concern for people in all their professional and social roles - said the Vice President.

The representatives of the largest Polish companies discussed the tasks of the leaders in building an effective CSR strategy and, as a consequence, translating the activities into the well-being of employees.

Beata Chorągwicka-Majstrowicz, Vice President of the Management Board for HR at KGHM's Sierra Gorda mine in Chile, spoke about the employees' commitment to the Company. - We believe that the positive organisational climate increases people's involvement and favours the acquisition of new talents, and the family that is close to the organisation only helps us. It builds a sense of pride and belonging among the employees - added the conference speaker.

The conference topics included issues related to the pandemic and the impact of COVID-19 on the approach to sustainable development. Furthermore, numerous examples of good practices implemented in the area of organisational culture oriented towards people and families were presented. The employee volunteering was also an important topic.

Apart from KGHM, the Polish Copper Employers' Association co-organised the conference, and the Humanites Institute was the content partner.

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