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KGHM works for Ukraine together with local governments of the Copper Belt

KGHM works for Ukraine together with local governments of the Copper Belt

Tuesday, 08 March, 2022
Coordination of support, donation of medical supplies, accommodation equipment and basic necessities - KGHM responds on an ongoing basis to the needs for assistance reported by the local governments of the Copper Belt, coordinated by the Lower Silesian Voivode.

At the disposal of the Lower Silesian Voivode are 150 places in health resorts belonging to the KGHM Group. The KGHM Polska Miedź Foundation is also financing a two-month stay for 250 refugees in centres owned, among others, by Caritas.

The main tool for coordinating aid in the Copper Belt is the Aid Centre for Ukrainians, set up by KGHM and the Family Formation Centre association in Lubin. It offers legal advice, assistance of translators and collects information on the most urgent needs of Ukrainian citizens. We coordinate medical or psychological assistance there.

Those in need can apply for help at the following telephone numbers: in Polish: +48 511 833 628, in Ukrainian: +48 791 069 613 and at e-mail addresses: in Polish, in Ukrainian

KGHM employees volunteer to help through employee volunteering. Anyone wishing to organise a collection of the most necessary items can write to: We will keep you updated on current needs.

The Help Centre for Ukrainians will also provide a questionnaire to KGHM employees and all residents of the region regarding the possibility of housing refugees in private accommodation. On this basis, a database will be created which can be made available to representatives of local authorities.

We also continue to receive donations from KGHM employees and the people of the Belt for refugees from Ukraine.


Help for Ukraine

In recent times, KGHM has also organised medical transport to hospitals in Ukraine. Several tonnes of medicines or bandages for those affected by the war effort were delivered to the facilities. Financial assistance to purchase the most needed materials comes from funds.

of the KGHM Polska Miedź Foundation. The copper company also supports associations and foundations in Ukraine which help local people.


Help for refugees in Poland

A KGHM Group company, Lubinpex, also supports refugees. For the past few days, hot meals have been served at Warsaw's Central Railway Station for arriving Ukrainians. Today, a catering tent will be erected at the site where help will continue to be provided.

"Our company Lubinpex is serving meals for refugees at the Central Railway Station and soon also at the Western Railway Station in Warsaw. Warm meal is worth its weight in gold. Our help will last as long as it takes. We are planning long-term support. I would like to thank the employees of KGHM and the volunteers for their commitment and generosity", said Marcin Chludziński, President of the Management Board of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

In addition, for several days now buses from companies and departments of KGHM have been helping to transport refugees from Polish-Ukrainian border.

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