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KGHM is reforesting Lower Silesia

KGHM is reforesting Lower Silesia

Friday, 26 June, 2020
Almost 60 thousand young trees were planted at the request of KGHM. Thousands of oaks, pines and birches greened the area around three towns in the Copper Belt.

Nearly 9 hectares of land around the “Żelazny Most” Waste Treatment Facility have been forested as compensation for the green areas occupied by the Southern Quarter under construction.

"We act responsibly. For the benefit of the region's inhabitants: our employees, neighbours and business partners, KGHM must keep growing and investing. The construction of the Southern Quarter is essential for the continued operation of the company. We are doing this with respect for nature, bearing in mind, among others, reforestation, because it is also an investment in our common future. The trees we have now planted will stay here for generations," explains Marcin Chludziński, President of the Management Board of KGHM Polska Miedź.

The project of reforestation of post-arable land owned by the State Treasury was carried out on the request of KGHM by the Nadleśnictwo Lubin. It covered the area around Rudna, Stara Rudna and Pieszkowice. By 2022, KGHM is planning further plantings in Nadleśnictwo Lubin on an area of nearly 100 hectares.

In total, 57 510 plants were planted, including:

  • Almost 35 thousand pines
  • Over 7.5 thousand birches
  • Nearly 12 thousand oaks
  • 3.5 thousand alders
  • 1 thousand elm trees

The planting around the "Żelazny Most" pond is not the only environmental activity of the Company. Afforestations also included the Nadleśnictwo Wołów, Chocianów and Przemków. KGHM also participates, among others, in the so-called "Forest Coal Farms" project, developed and conducted by the General Directorate of State Forests, the idea of which is to rebuild forests and introduce new afforestation in order to reduce the presence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by increasing CO2 absorption by forest complexes.

See how KGHM conducts its environmental policy and what else it does for the environment.

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