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KGHM has its Wonderful Parents - the International Family Day is celebrated today

KGHM has its Wonderful Parents - the International Family Day is celebrated today

Monday, 15 May, 2023
We care and protect - KGHM is successfully developing one of its flagship programs aimed to support parenting. On the International Family Day, we are summarizing KGHM’s Wonderful Parents campaign, in which we donate special packages to employees whose children were born recently.

The birth of a child is reason to celebrate for the family, but also for those around them. Therefore, since the beginning of 2020, KGHM’s management congratulates every employee to whom a child is born. On this occasion, special gifts are also prepared for all recent parents who work at KGHM.

In the first three months of 2023, the KGHM family was enlarged by as many as 156 babies, including 80 girls and 76 boys. Among the boys, the most popular names are Jakub and Mikołaj, while among girls Wiktoria and Zuzanna are most common. Since 2020, the KGHM family has grown by a total of 1,188 children.

KGHM’s Wonderful Parents program is constantly evolving, with changes including the packages given to the company’s employees. The new gifts include a copper pendant on a silver chain, towels, thermoses, and toddler clothes with the KGHM logo. The parents, on the other hand, have the opportunity to take advantage of vouchers to local businesses, which include discounts on beauty services or invitations to gyms.

KGHM’s program has been recognized in many national rankings of CSR campaigns organized by Polish companies. The local government of Głogów joined KGHM’s campaign. Since 2021, together with the birth certificate of their child, the city’s residents have received a gift that includes an “Album of a Little Głogów Resident” and a copper pendant on a silver chain from KGHM, on which the child’s name can be engraved, for example.

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