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KGHM among of the most attractive employers in Poland

KGHM among of the most attractive employers in Poland

Thursday, 09 June, 2022
KGHM among the 10 most attractive employers in Poland - the results of the Randstad Employer Brand Research 2022 have just been announced. The copper giant was placed on the 4th position and is the highest rated company of the State Treasury. In addition, in the "raw materials and fuels" sector, KGHM took the 1st place.

Last year, KGHM took 7th place in this prestigious rating as an attractive employer. The company was appreciated for the best salaries and benefits. This year it was also recognised for the stability of employment and the friendly atmosphere at work. The copper giant is the largest employer in Lower Silesia, employing over 18.5 thousand people. Over 34 thousand people are working in the KGHM Group.

– Employees constitute a pillar of our strategy. The commitment of the employees, efficient leadership and the belief that strategic goals are achievable and worth putting in the effort has led in recent years to the historically highest production and financial results – said Marcin Chludziński, President of the Management Board of KGHM. – As an employer, we not only listen to our employees and create an environment in which people are respected. We also share the profits earned with the employees and allow them to have a real impact on the KGHM's future.

KGHM offers its employees a number of benefits, such as subsidizing holidays for families, child care for younger children and school starter kits for older children, as well as contributing to recreation and medical care. Moreover, the team is offered extra money for transport or meals.

Employees of the copper company also have the opportunity to improve their qualifications, receive subsidies or financing for postgraduate studies, or can learn foreign languages free of charge. During the pandemic, psychological support was also made available to those who needed it. This benefit has been maintained. The company also offered free vaccination against Covid-19 for employees and their families.

KGHM has introduced workshops for managers regarding employee relations and strategies for coping with stress.

The company implements its own programmes, such as "CUdowny Tata CUdowna Mama" (MiraCUlous Dad MiraCUlous Mom). New parents who are employed by KGHM receive special gifts from the company. This has been noticed by the local government of the Copper Belt. Głogów has already introduced a similar project.

KGHM also supports vocational schools in the region. As part of the "Kompetentni w branży górniczo-hutniczej" (Competent in Mining and Metallurgy) programme, the company has sponsored 9 secondary schools. Students have the opportunity to complete apprenticeships in the departments of KGHM. Some of them, after completing their education, pursue their careers with the copper giant.

Randstad Employer Brand Research is a global study on the image of employers conducted in Poland. Respondents identify the most attractive workplaces in the country and the factors which are the strongest advantages of the employers. These include, among other things, job stability, prospects for professional development, and concern for maintaining a work-life balance.

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