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Industrial Development Agency  and KGHM will work together to implement innovative projects

Industrial Development Agency and KGHM will work together to implement innovative projects

Tuesday, 28 April, 2015

Development of modern technologies is an important factor determining the expansion and build-up of the of Polish companies' competitive edge in the international environment. It is also an important development impetus for the national economy.

A key element of technological progress and the implementation of modern solutions is undoubtedly the cooperation of scientific institutions and enterprises. This can result in the acceleration of research, and the application of new solutions in the industry. The initiative taken in the framework of the cooperation of IDA JSC KGHM has a chance to contribute in a pragmatic way to the development of new technologies that can have a significant impact on increasing the competitiveness of the Polish economy
and increase of its attractiveness among foreign neighbours - said
Włodzimierz Karpiński, Minister of the Treasury.

Joint commitment not only to the creation of modern technologies, but also to their commercialization increases the potential of Polish R&D and economy alike.

The cooperation between KGHM and IDS aims primarily at the commercialization of jointly developed technological solutions, including those based on the use of renewable energy sources, the development and and dissemination of know-how in the materials engineeringscience, as well as undertaking subsequent innovative projects. The both partners' decision to cooperate fits in their strategic objectives, but also combines the interests of wider economic environment.

Supporting the build-up of the innovative economy and the increase in the industry's competitiveness is our priority task that we consistently accomplish. We've created IDA Ecosystem, which will enable the development of innovation at each of its stages, and the communication and cooperation between innovative communities and industry. One of the key instruments of the innovation support ecosystem is Technology Transfer Platform. Cooperation in the field of innovation with other entities, including companies of the Treasury, is an important element of our strategy. I am convinced that our joint efforts with KGHM will bring about the commercialization of innovative projects - said Aleksandra Magaczewska, President of IDA.

KGHM is interested in the development of its operations also with regard to effective processing of natural resources with the use of innovative technologies.

The cooperation with IDA is an important element of the value creation in the area of innovation and new technologies in KGHM. After strengthening the corporate R&D owing to the cooperation within the framework of international KIC Raw Materials program, and to CuBr project implemented jointly with the National Research and Development Centre, the next natural step is the commercialization of research results and their transfer to industry. Global companies should pay special attention to innovative activities. Innovation is a positive incentive for long-run growth of the company value, and at the same time owing to it the company becomes more competitive - said Herbert Wirth, President of KGHM.

The agreement on cooperation in the implementation of innovative projects provides for the conduct of studies and analyses related to the exploration, as well as the commercialization, of innovative technologies. In addition, co-funded will be processes of the solutions' implementation in the industrial environment. The Partners also declare joint seeking for external financing, including European funds, for the purpose of implementation of the fundamental assumptions of the agreement.


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