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Baby boom at the KGHM - a wonderful parents’ package distributed one thousandth time

Baby boom at the KGHM - a wonderful parents’ package distributed one thousandth time

Thursday, 25 August, 2022
Help and support make sense - the KGHM’s unique program to promote parenthood has reached 1,000 children and parents. Since 2020, the KGHM has been giving special gifts to employees who have become parents. The company’s program became so popular that it is now being implemented in Głogów, among other places.

The KGHM’s family-friendly activities combine responsibility for employees with responsibility for their development, not only in their professional lives.

The 1000th wonderful parents are employees of a KGHM branch, Jolanta and Piotr Florczak, the parents of a newborn boy, Tomek. The gift set from the KGHM includes, among other items, a copper pendant, a silver chain, and a set of parenting guides.

The KGHM has consistently implemented a number of family-friendly programs and initiatives for its employees and residents of the Copper Belt. Approximately 300 people a year participate in parenting competency workshops for the company’s employees. The company also funds projects at schools, which benefit several thousand students and parents annually. As part of the nationwide “Two Hours for the Family” campaign, the KGHM organizes competitions or tournaments for children and their parents.

A social campaign carried out with local governments to promote foster parenting has succeeded in finding more than 50 new parents for children in need. The “Have a family” campaign continues and training of more caregiver candidates is underway.

Last year, the KGHM released the publication “60 Good CSR Practices for the KGHM’s 60th anniversary,” which included all of the company’s prosocial and family-friendly activities. The document describes programs grouped into several categories, including physical health, education, ecology, or social ties. The KGHM is presenting its activities and the involvement of its staff in, among other things, volunteer and aid campaigns for the residents of the Copper Belt.

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