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KGHM’s best practices once again in a prestigious CSR Report

KGHM’s best practices once again in a prestigious CSR Report

Monday, 17 April, 2023
Volunteering, training, health programs - the prestigious Responsible Development Forum’s report, which presents the activity of the largest Polish companies in the field of pro-social efforts, includes 6 best practices implemented by KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

The report “Responsible Business in Poland. Best Practices,” published annually by the Responsible Business Forum, is the largest overview of CSR and sustainable development initiatives in Poland. Last year’s anniversary edition featured projects from more than 280 companies.

This year, examples of best practices from KGHM included campaigns promoting preventive medical examinations - implemented as part of the Pink October and Movember campaigns. The program for prevention of depression, promotion of mental health, and prevention of mental diseases, whose beneficiaries are more than 8,000 residents of the Copper Belt annually, was also recognized.

"Our presence in the Report confirms that the best practices carried out by KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. in the area of corporate social responsibility are not only activities of great social need, but also - in the objective opinion of the Report's authors - initiatives worth following also by other entities in Poland, which makes us very happy. It is particularly important that we involve volunteers, local governments and non-governmental organizations in the implementation of these unique projects, which support us in our activities, thanks to which we respond to real needs and can be even more effective," says KGHM CEO Tomasz Zdzikot.

The report also highlighted parenting workshops for KGHM employees, with as many as 10 editions of meetings for fathers and mothers in 2022. The report also distinguished the employee volunteer program “Doughnut with Noble Filling,” which last year made it possible to purchase a stairlift and subsidize the rehabilitation of the disabled daughter of one of KGHM’s employees.

In addition, the report also mentions gifts for the birth of a child, which the company also gives to employees as part of its “KGHM’s Miracle Parents” program. Last year we celebrated the submission of 1,000 KGHM’s Wonderful Parents, and the project was very popular among the local governments of the Copper Belt and is continuing in partnership with KGHM in Głogów.

One of the examples of KGHM’s good practices was the “Mie(dź) Rodzinę) (Have a Family) campaign. Together with local governments in the Copper Belt, the company is promoting foster parenting. As part of its campaign, over a period of several years, it was possible to find new homes for 40 children in need.

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