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KGHM on the podium of National Champions in the ranking by Polityka Insight

KGHM on the podium of National Champions in the ranking by Polityka Insight

Tuesday, 14 March, 2023

KGHM was ranked 2nd in the fifth edition of the main ranking of National Champions run by Polityka Insight. In the “Economy” and “Industry” categories, as well as in the “Economy” category for the last five years, Polish Copper was ranked first.

KGHM was runner-up in the ranking of national champions run by Polityka Insight scoring 80 points. 

“In the National Champions ranking, KGHM triumphed in the ‘Economy’ and ‘Industry’ categories, it also won the title of leader in the ‘Economy category for the last five years. KGHM is a global brand and a jewel of the Polish economy. I would like to thank our employees. Such awards confirm that we have chosen the right path,” adds KGHM CEO Tomasz Zdzikot.

“Polityka Insight” is a centre dealing with political and economic analysis. The ranking was prepared on the basis of an original factor of national champions (NC factor), calculated on the basis of data aggregated to four key categories: economy, industry, foreign markets and innovation. In addition, on the occasion of the fifth edition of the report, the publication includes a special ranking summarising the companies’ activities since 2018. The report is based on data for 2021.

What all these national champions have in common is first and foremost their great importance to the economy, understood as a high contribution to the economic and political potential of the country, and the significant role they play in the socio-economic development. With their brand, national champions support the export power of their respective countries and pave the way for smaller companies in foreign markets. Through investment in research, development and efficient management, national champions build the competitiveness of national economies.

Ranking is available at:,1,

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