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We Together – KGHM joins the support for Ukraine

We Together – KGHM joins the support for Ukraine

Saturday, 26 February, 2022
The KGHM Group supports the activities of the Polish Government and is organising support for the refugees and citizens of Ukraine fighting with the Russian occupier. In the Copper Basin, the company is establishing a Support Centre for Ukrainians in cooperation with NGOs.

“As KGHM we have joined in the support for Ukraine and are doing the most important things that are needed at the very moment. We are providing support to the refugees and the Ukrainian organisations taking care of the victims,” said Marcin Chludziński, President of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

The Family Formation Centre (Centrum Formacji Rodziny) in Lubin will open a new Support Centre for the Ukrainians. For those needing help the following phone numbers have been set up:

  • in Polish +48 511 833 628
  • in Ukrainian +48 791 069 613

and at the email addresses:

  • - for Ukrainian speaking persons
  • - for Polish speaking persons

The Centre will offer legal advice, translation services and collect information on the most urgent needs of the Ukrainian citizens coming to Lower Silesia. We provide medical and psychological assistance. The Centre will also coordinate the voluntary work and collections for the Ukrainians.

In addition, the Copper Health Centre owned by KGHM offers free visits at specialist clinics to Ukrainian refugees.

All NGOs cooperating with KGHM report their readiness to participate. The Family Centre in Legnica (Legnickie Centrum Rodziny) has already been providing free psychological assistance to Ukrainian citizens. St. Jan Bosko Parish in Lubin organises a canteen and temporary accommodation for all in need.

KGHM also cooperates with the NGOs operating in Ukraine in the transfer of donations and activities preventing disinformation. All activities will be carried out in cooperation with the Polish Government and developed as needed.

KGHM companies have also joined the wide-scale support crusade. Staropolanka is sending bottled water to the Polish and Ukrainian border. The KGHM Zagłębie Lubin football club is organising the collection of food and daily necessities.

The KGHM Group has also declared its readiness to make its spa facilities available to the Ukrainian refugees to the relevant services. The Zagłębie Club’s facilities can be also used as a dormitory, canteen or sports infrastructure.

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