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We sponsor and invite: KGHM supports cultural institutions throughout Poland

We sponsor and invite: KGHM supports cultural institutions throughout Poland

Friday, 19 May, 2023
Exhibitions, purchases of pieces of art, film and theater productions, and festivals - the group of institutions supported by KGHM was rejoined by the Wrocław Opera House. The company is an active patron of culture, art, and sports, and gets involved in the organization or patronage of events in the Copper Belt and throughout Poland.

The Wrocław Opera House is one of the largest and best-known opera theaters in Poland. KGHM is becoming a strategic sponsor of the institution. The company’s ties to the opera house are unique, and in some symbolic ways they started the history of KGHM and the Copper Belt. The discoverer of the copper ore deposit, Jan Wyżykowski, was schooled to become an opera singer before becoming Poland’s most famous geologist. His favorite aria (which he quite frequently sang at work) was Nadira from Georges Bizet’s “The Pearl Catchers.” His musical education was interrupted by an illness.

KGHM sponsors cultural institutions and events throughout Poland. Since 2019, it has been a patron of the Royal Castle in Warsaw. The company also supports the Vistula Museum in Kazimierz Dolny and the Museum of the Earth in Warsaw. For years, the company has been a partner of the Silver Festival in Legnica and a majority of cultural events in the cities of the Copper Belt. Also, through the KGHM Polska Miedź Foundation, it provides funds for smaller local projects, the preservation of sacral and secular cultural monuments, and the restoration of paintings and sculptures.

In 2022, KGHM allocated more than PLN 10.5 million for arts and culture projects. The Foundation has supported initiatives across the country with funds amounting to more than PLN 13 million.

KGHM has received numerous awards for its activities. Last year, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage awarded the company the title of “Patron of Culture.” When accepting the award, Tomasz Zdzikot, KGHM’s CEO, emphasized that, “in addition to achieving important business goals, [the company] feels responsible for supporting Poland’s national achievements and heritage.” This year, KGHM received the Azymut award from the Polish Economic Society in the “Patron of Culture” category.

KGHM’s involvement in cultural initiatives, as well as artistic and sports activities, results from the goals set out in the company’s strategy.

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