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We give the best of ourselves - KGHM shares good CSR practices with the world

We give the best of ourselves - KGHM shares good CSR practices with the world

Wednesday, 29 September, 2021
Publication with good in the background for KGHM's anniversary - the copper giant, as a leader in corporate social responsibility, has published "60 good CSR practices for 60 years of KGHM". The unique study is now available online and can be downloaded from

"We address KGHM's social projects to the employees, who are our most valuable asset, but also to the local community, i.e. to the families, friends and acquaintances of our staff. Together with them we are building a copper community. In cooperation with local governments, with the support of experts and the resources of non-governmental organisations, we can move mountains and respond effectively to socially significant challenges", wrote the President of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. Marcin Chludziński, in the introduction to the publication.

The publication prepared by KGHM can be a source of inspiration for companies and institutions. The documentary proves that caring for people, their families and the environment can go hand in hand with achieving ambitious business goals.

"As the largest employer in Lower Silesia, KGHM continues its proud tradition of supporting local people. Some people refer to us as "the giant with a heart of gold". This publication shows that companies and institutions of all sizes can implement golden and proven CSR practices, even with limited budgets," says Lidia Marcinkowska-Bartkowiak, Chief Communication Officer of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

The publication contains a description of 60 good practices of the copper company grouped into several categories, including physical health, education, ecology and social ties. KGHM presents its activities and the involvement of its staff in, among others, voluntary and aid campaigns for the people of the Copper Belt.

This year, KGHM is celebrating its 60th anniversary. The anniversary coincides with the recording of the best production and economic results in a decade. The publication on good CSR practices shows that the copper company consistently realises and adheres to the principles of social responsibility.

The pandemic has not halted production at KGHM, nor has there been any abandonment of pro-social projects. Among others, the KGHM School of Leaders "Guides" was conducted online. Another edition of the "Copper Rivalry" scholarship programme for athletes has been resolved. Financial support also flowed to local governments for the implementation of projects for the benefit of Copper Belt residents.

"ust as copper is the treasure of the Copper Belt, children are the treasure of parents, families and the whole community. The birth of a child is a celebration and a reason to rejoice for those closest to you, but also for those around you. We are happy together with you," says Marcin Chludziński, the President of the Management Board of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., in a special letter enclosed with gifts for parents.

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