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Virtual hackathon vs. real-world challenges. KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. extends an invitation to participate in the 3rd edition of the CuValley Hack 2023

Virtual hackathon vs. real-world challenges. KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. extends an invitation to participate in the 3rd edition of the CuValley Hack 2023

Thursday, 05 January, 2023
Registration for the CuValley Hack hackathon has started. This is the third time the event has been organized in an online format by KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. and KGHM Centrum Analityki sp. z o.o. The participants will experience 40 hours full of excitement and fun, but most importantly hard work, and the winners will receive prizes worth a total of PLN 120,000.

The success of the first two editions of the CuValley Hack has strengthened the organizers’ belief that it is a good idea to take non-standard paths in the search for innovative solutions.

The project on stabilization of the operation of a slurry furnace, acquired as part of the 1st edition of the CuValley Hack, has just been completed, and three more projects acquired as part of the 2nd edition of the hackathon are underway.

The third edition of the CuValley Hack will be held on January 27-29 and, as in the previous years, the organizers are focusing on innovation and are looking for pioneering solutions.

“During the hackathons, we look for solutions with the greatest possible implementation potential and we are open to ideas from outside KGHM that use data analysis, artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, or Big Data in industrial automation systems,” said Tomasz Zdzikot, the CEO of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.


Realistic tasks in a virtual hackathon

During the upcoming 3rd edition of the CuValley Hack, the participants will have 40 hours to create inspiring and implementable solutions related to the operation of the Ore Enrichment Facility and the Hydrotechnical Facility.

Energy optimization of the first-stage milling process, a virtual estimator of copper-bearing grain size, or the creation of a system for automatic estimation of water levels in a river are examples of the challenges that the participants in the virtual programming marathon will face.

From the very beginning, the participants will be able to count on the support of mentors, who will be available at all times on a dedicated online platform. The experts will help the participants take the right direction in the work on the project and suggest how to approach the topic to make the solution effective and practical.

“The participants are attracted to the hackathons organized by KGHM not only by the attractive prizes, but also by the opportunity to work on real industrial data, real problems, and, most importantly, the prospect of implementing their projects. An example is the project of the Data Drivers team, which in the 1st edition of the hackathon held in 2021 won the first place in the task titled “Slurry furnace stabilization”; just a month ago we completed the implementation of this solution at the Głogów Copper Smelter,” said Daniel Lichota, the CEO of KGHM Centrum Analityki sp. z o.o. (more information about the completed project can be found here).


How to join the event

To join the event and face the task of your choice, fill out the registration form at The first 160 confirmed participants who sign up for the event by January 20 will receive an attractive GiftPack.

The participants of the CuValley Hack can work on ideas alone or with a team (no more than 5 people). The individuals/teams with the best projects in a given category will present them on a virtual stage and participate in a live Q&A session.


More than programming

During the hackathon, the participants will also participate in a number of additional activities in the form of topic-specific webinars, talks led by Keynote Speakers, as well as contests and networking.


The success of the past editions

KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. and KGHM Centrum Analityki sp. z o.o. have already organized two editions of the event. Each has aroused a great deal of interest in the IT and Data Science communities.

The first edition of the CuValley Hack was organized in 2021 (June 11-13). At the time, nearly 300 participants signed up and formed 69 teams that, after 40 hours of coding, finally submitted 53 projects.

The second edition of the CuValley Hack was held in 2022 (March 11-13) and was the result of the very good reception of the first edition among its participants. The second edition attracted 250 participants, who formed 60 teams to code for 40 hours and ultimately prepared 40 projects.

The hackathons are organized within the framework of the Copper Valley initiative launched in 2021.



More information can be found on the website.

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