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They have been mining copper for 55 years - the anniversary of the oldest division of KGHM

They have been mining copper for 55 years - the anniversary of the oldest division of KGHM

Wednesday, 20 September, 2023
Zakłady Górnicze Lubin is celebrating its 55th anniversary - it is the first and oldest KGHM mine, which opened the way to the largest copper ore deposit in Europe. Today, Polska Miedź is an industry giant with a strong position in the top ten largest copper producers in the world.

- I congratulate everyone, both current and retired employees, on their beautiful jubilee and thank them for their contribution to KGHM's success. It is you who, over these 55 years, have built up a capital of knowledge and experience that we are happy to draw on and with which we plan innovative solutions. Thanks to the ZG Lubin team, we look ambitiously into the future, said Tomasz Zdzikot, president of the management board of KGHM.

During the ceremonial academy to celebrate the anniversary, 55 people were honoured. Those honoured included current and retired employees. ZG Lubin currently employs more than 3,200 people.



Zakłady Górnicze Lubin is one of three mining divisions of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. The construction of the plant began in 1960. Eight years later, on July 19, 1968, the mine achieved 25% of its target production capacity, it was put into initial operation and this date is considered to be the date of establishment of the mine.

Mining activities are carried out in the "Lubin-Małomice" mining area at a depth of 550 to 1006 m. The industrial resources of the deposit amount to over 320 million tonnes of copper ore and almost 17 million kilograms of silver. The current capacity of the mine is approximately 8.6 million t of ore per year. Last year (2022), copper extraction in the ore was 71.3 thousand t.



ZG Lubin can boast not only the longest history, but also continuous development. The mine uses the latest technologies and solutions, including: battery-powered machines. A bolting machine (Self-Propelled Bolting Truck) has already been put into operation, and tests of the SPDT (Self-Propelled Drilling Truck) machine are continuing. Certification processes of a prototype vehicle for transporting people and materials in an underground mining plant are also underway.

In 2019, the L-VI shaft was put into service. Constructed in the 1980s, the 962-metre-deep shaft has been upgraded and now not only brings fresh air into the mine, but allows the crew to descend, transport materials in containers and mining machinery. Before the modernization, the shafts had only a ventilation function as an ventilation shaft.

The new shaft has allowed mining in the northern regions of the mining area, which is important for maintaining and developing the mine's production capacity.



For over half a century of existence, the branch has played the role of not only a desirable employer, but also an animator of social life. ZG Lubin is the organiser of the biggest run in Lubin. This year, for the 37th time, participants of the St. Barbara's Day Run for the Miner's Lamp will run through the streets of the city. In the first Run, almost 40 years ago, only one hundred runners took part Currently, over a thousand athletes are lining up at the start. The event has become a permanent part of the St. Barbara's Day celebration schedule in Lubin.

There has also been a Lubin Mine Brass Band for over fifty years, which participates in almost all major mining ceremonies, and the Miners' Male Choir has been singing for over 40 years.

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