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The KGHM Volunteers are growing in strength - despite the pandemic, they have carried out dozens of support actions

The KGHM Volunteers are growing in strength - despite the pandemic, they have carried out dozens of support actions

Monday, 21 December, 2020

They are not afraid of new challenges, they are responsible and courageous - in the difficult year of 2020, the activity of the employee volunteer movement at KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. did not decrease. Employees of the copper giant took part in dozens of projects for the needy inhabitants of the Copper Belt.

"The year 2020 has shown that nothing is obvious. It taught us to deal with unpredictable situations. It has shown that we can count on the noble hearts of KGHM employees. Volunteers, while maintaining sanitary restrictions, supported seniors, prepared food parcels and collected money for those in need. This is exceptional commitment. I would like to thank everyone for that", said Marcin Chludziński, President of the Management Board of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

Noble and helpful

As every year, the Company's employees have joined the "Noble Parcel" campaign on a spectacular scale. Gifts for families were prepared within KGHM departments, but also individually. There were more than 100 gifts prepared by groups of employees. Assistance and contact with families continues after the final stage of the campaign.

KGHM volunteers, after completing their activities as part of the "Noble Parcel", joined the action to help the fire victims from Lubin. A single mother received food supplies and necessary items, such as clothing or hygiene products.

Seniors under care

KGHM employees took particularly intensive care of the elderly of Lower Silesia. The volunteers prepared almost 3 thousand food parcels. And these were not the only activities, as seniors more often than material help simply needed contact. According to the guidelines, Karolina, a volunteer, was supposed to go for walks with Ms Wanda's dog from Legnica. "In the end, although I did not go out with the senior's pet even once, our numerous telephone conversations were extremely inspiring", said Karolina, a KGHM employee.

Action Reaction

KGHM volunteers were also involved in helping KGHM colleagues in need. Support was provided, among others, to Daniel, an employee of O/ZG Polkowice- Sieroszowice. As a result of a collection organised by his colleagues, he was able to participate in a rehabilitation camp in one of the best centres in Poland. Currently, volunteers are renovating and adapting a house to the needs of a disabled person.

It is worth mentioning that KGHM employees associated in blood donor clubs have donated over a thousand litres of blood this year. Individual donors and plasma donors, especially from those recovering from illnesses, must also be added to this impressive figure. The volunteers responded to the calls of the blood donor centres in the region without hesitation.

Volunteers appreciated

The activities of KGHM employees have been recognised by the Poviat Starost's Office in Lubin. The copper company won this year's award in the category of COMPANY VOLUNTEERING. Officials honoured the company for promoting various forms of social involvement and shaping pro-social attitudes.

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