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Summary of the KGHM Academy - nearly 6,000 beneficiaries from the Copper Belt

Summary of the KGHM Academy - nearly 6,000 beneficiaries from the Copper Belt

Thursday, 27 June, 2024

Another edition of the KGHM Academy - an educational programme for the inhabitants of the Copper Belt carried out by local NGOs - has come to an end. In this year's cycle, nearly 6 000 people, including school students and parents, took part in training projects subsidized by the company.

This year's activities covered not only the cities of the Copper Belt, but also smaller towns such as Chojnów, Chocianów, and Krotoszyce, and towns in the Lubuskie Province, including Sulechów, Wschowa and Szlichtyngowa. All KGHM Academy programmes are aimed at promoting pro-social initiatives and training for the region's residents, NGOs and schools.

We are pleased with the schools’ positive recommendations of the prevention programmes carried out as part of the KGHM Academy. This confirms that these are important and needed activities for the local community. KGHM's involvement in this area is an example of intersectoral cooperation, as together with non-governmental organisations, local governments and subordinate units, we strive to respond to the various challenges of contemporary society’, said Gabriela Jednorał, the coordinator of the KGHM Academy programme.

The programmes run by the KGHM Academy are very well received in schools across the region, as their topics touch on current and increasingly important issues facing young people. They help to improve many competences that are important for young people, as well as teach them how to cope with omnipresent stress and support building their self-esteem,’ added Karolina Szmuc from the ZDR3+ club in Legnica.

As part of the KGHM Academy, programmes such as the ‘School for Parents and Educators’, ‘Leader 100’, ‘Archipelago of Treasures’ and ‘Star of Power’ are implemented, as well as many prevention activities.

The KGHM Prevention Zone - an original programme of NGOs from the Copper Belt - was hugely successful this school year, with nearly 3 000 participants. The main focus of the project, subsidized by KGHM and designed for children and young people, is safe behaviour on the Internet, the art of coping with stress and various forms of violence. The programme is intended for elementary school pupils in grades 6-8. This group of young people is the most vulnerable to the above risks. Meetings with students were held as part of weekly class meetings, meetings with teachers - during educational councils, and meetings with parents - during parent-teacher conferences.

The purpose of the KGHM Academy is to promote pro-social programs and training for residents, NGOs and schools in the Copper Belt. More than 230 initiatives and programmes have been implemented since 2020.

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