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Record-breaking, wonderful parents from KGHM

Record-breaking, wonderful parents from KGHM

Tuesday, 13 December, 2022
Nearly half a thousand children were born to KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. employee families during the past year. The copper company's proprietary programme to promote parenthood and support the families of its employees has had as many as 221 girls and 241 boys this year, including 10 pairs of twins.

Among the boys, we most often welcomed Leon, Francis and John. For girls, the most frequently chosen names were Susanna, Hanna and Pola.

KGHM programme 'Wonderful Parents'

The KGHM 'Wonderful Parents' programme started in 2020. Since then, every employee of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. to whom a child is born receives not only congratulations from the Company, but also a special gift. This is an expression of the Company's appreciation for the demanding role of a parent and the combination of responsibility for employees with care for their development, not only professional.

The gift set for Wonderful Mum and Wonderful Dad includes: an elegant copper pendant, a silver chain, a mug with a copper thermal insert, a book with tips for parents and other small gifts. Since the beginning of the campaign, 1188 Wonderful Parents have already received dedicated gifts.

– 'Many institutions and companies donate layettes to new-born babies. This form of baby welcome to the world already has numerous representatives. Our programme is unique in this respect, as the Company also appreciates and pays attention to parents for whom the birth of a child changes the situation, including professional ones, often prompting a natural reorganisation, so that family and work can continue in harmony. KGHM employees are bound with the Company for many years, and we accompany and support them at every step, in particular at crucial moments of their lives, which is undoubtedly the birth of a child', said Tomasz Zdzikot, CEO of the KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

Record-breaking year 2022

Any KGHM parent wishing to receive a gift should send an email to: and include in the title the word 'CHILD'. During the past year, the Company received a record number of such notifications, as many as 457. This is a 100 more notifications, compared to the previous year. Among the Wonderful Parents are employees from all divisions of KGHM, also parents of adopted children.

KGHM for families

It is worth emphasising that the copper company is also involved in a number of other family-friendly initiatives. Thanks to a social campaign conducted with local governments to promote foster parenthood, it has been possible to find more than 50 new parents for children in need. The campaign is carried out under the name 'Have a family'. Training for more candidates for foster carers is currently underway.

KGHM promotes parenting not only among its own employees, but also among others employed and living in the Copper Belt. Approximately 300 people participate annually in parenting competency workshops organised for the staff. The copper giant also funds projects carried out in schools across the Lower Silesian Voivodship, which benefit several thousand pupils and parents every year. In turn, as part of the nationwide 'Two Hours for Family' campaign, KGHM organises educational and sports competitions and tournaments for children and their parents.

The Wonderful Parents programme is popular not only among the Company's employees, but also inspires other entities to undertake similar initiatives. From July 2021, the parents of each new-born child living in Głogów receive a gift from KGHM, upon receipt of the birth certificate, including 'Album of a little Głogowianin' and a copper pendant on a silver chain, on which, for example, the child's name can be engraved.

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