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Mobile Environmental Laboratory ready for testing - KGHM invests and cares about environmental protection

Mobile Environmental Laboratory ready for testing - KGHM invests and cares about environmental protection

Thursday, 25 February, 2021

Analysis of air, soil and surface water samples like never before - the Quality Research Centre of the KGHM Group is commissioning a Mobile Environmental Laboratory, which will use such devices as drones for measurements. Investment in a specialised vehicle is one of the elements of the strategy pursued by the copper company, which places particular emphasis on pro-ecological solutions.

The Mobile Environmental Laboratory is the only solution of its kind in Lower Silesia. It will help diagnose air and water quality or test the soil. For these latter analyses, specialised equipment takes only minutes. Equipped with diagnostic equipment, the vehicle will be integrated with a drone so as to safely collect air samples from contaminated areas in the event of an emergency.

"Among other things, our strategy is based on constant monitoring of trends and flexible action. KGHM is implementing innovative solutions, also to react quickly and make optimal decisions", said Marcin Chludziński, President of the Management Board of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. Chludziński added: "Based on our research and development experience, we create projects that serve us and the inhabitants of the entire region."

The MEL will help protect the environment

The Quality Research Centre's specialised vehicle will also be a tool for inspecting facilities that are difficult or dangerous to access. The laboratory supports environmental protection and modern industrial technologies. Due to the new solutions, the MEL will enable, among other things, documentation of mining damage to industrial facilities or inventory of excavated copper ore stockpiles. Drones will allow spatial modelling of buildings and objects in 3D.

Wacław Szetelnicki, President of the QRC, emphasises that the Mobile Environmental Laboratory can be used not only by KGHM. "The Centre is also involved in surface or pool water testing. Thanks to the Mobile Laboratory, we can use portable devices to, for example, monitor or detect by-products of water chlorination, or assess air quality and analyse combustion waste in households," added Wacław Szetelnicki.

The MEL for air quality in the region

The Mobile Environmental Laboratory also allows air quality analysis and pre-testing. Already these first ones give reliable information about the possible danger present in the indicated place.

"I am very pleased that KGHM is sensitive to environmental protection. We do not rule out that we will establish cooperation on further financing of the operation of the mobile laboratory as well as on co-financing research that may improve the quality of water, soil and air in the region," adds Łukasz Kasztelowicz, President of the Management Board of WFOŚiGW in Wrocław.

The base for the Mobile Environmental Laboratory was a hybrid minibus with a custom-built load compartment. The vehicle is equipped with highly specialised and innovative equipment including: a drone set with a high-resolution camera and an innovative air pollution testing system, a portable gas chromatograph, a spectrometer and a soil scanner.

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