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Mining holiday at KGHM - Barbórka 2022

Mining holiday at KGHM - Barbórka 2022

Tuesday, 08 November, 2022
KGHM would like to invite miners and all residents of the Copper Belt to celebrate Barbórka 2022, the most important mining holiday, together. This year, the central celebration, to be held on December 2 in Lubin, will begin with an official ceremony, followed by a “Fox Major” parade.

As part of the Barbórka celebrities, KGHM organizes celebrations and events that cultivate mining traditions. This year, the central Barbórka celebration is scheduled for two days: on December 2, when the main celebration will take place, and December 4, the name day of St. Barbara, the patron saint of miners.

Words of appreciation to miners and recognition of their hard work

The main Barbórka celebrations will begin with an official ceremony, scheduled for December 2 at 2:00 PM at the “Muza” Culture Center in Lubin. The ceremony will include the presentation of state medals and anniversary awards to KGHM’s employees. The miners to be honored will also receive honorary mining swords - a symbol of a miner’s honor, freedom, and dignity.

Mining traditions

After the ceremony, the traditional “Fox Major” Parade will take place in the streets of Lubin. The festivities will end in the Market Square with the “jump over skin” ceremony. Acceptance of a miner is a special event for young miners, who are welcomed into the mining fraternity with a symbolic “jump over skin” ritual.

Traditional mining feasts will also be organized. The central Barbórka party will be held at the Regional Sports Center arena in Lubin and the Ladies’ Miner Feast (“Comber Babski”) will be held at the arena in Głogów.

December 4 - Miner’s Day

December 4 in Lubin, Polkowice, and Głogów will begin with miners’ reveilles. Miner orchestras will remind the region’s residents of the miners’ holiday as early as at 6 AM. Then, at 9:00 AM, a solemn mass for miners and their families is scheduled at the Maximilian Maria Kolbe Church in Lubin.

On the same day, at 1:00 PM, ceremonies will be held at the Jan Wyżykowski monument in Lubin. Delegations will lay flowers at the monument to the discoverer of Polish Copper.

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