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KGHM triple winner of the Social Responsibility Leader Programme

KGHM triple winner of the Social Responsibility Leader Programme

Wednesday, 01 December, 2021
Good Company, Good Employer and Eco Company - KGHM received awards in three categories in this year's edition of the nationwide Social Responsibility Leader (CSR) programme. The plebiscite distinguishes companies that carry out, among others, pro-social activities going beyond the sphere of business.

The editors of Business Forum and Business Trends select institutions that meet the criteria related to the CSR concept. The basic assumptions of the selection include, among others, the degree of companies' involvement in charity and sponsorship activities, the company's policy as an employer and other positive aspects of the company's activities.

For many years, KGHM has carried out, among others, projects supporting the employees and inhabitants of the Copper Belt. This year the company issued a special anniversary publication on corporate social responsibility: "60 good CSR practices for the 60 th anniversary of KGHM". This is a description of activities and examples of involvement of the company's employees in voluntary and assistance actions in Lower Silesia and in Poland.

The copper company is also a co-organiser of the cyclical CSR Conference Have an Impact in the Copper Belt. During this year's meeting, representatives of NGOs, business and local government officials discussed, among other things, regulations related to ESG. Marcin Chludziński, President of KGHM, emphasised that the Company is pursuing the 4E strategy, which is complemented by one more e, i.e. empathy. "Caring for the local community or the environment has been a natural need which we have been successfully fulfilling for years," added President of KGHM.

The organisers of the competition emphasise that by winning the titles, KGHM confirms its status as a reliable company which is sensitive to the needs of its environment and is worth cooperating with. The obtained graphic mark of the Social Responsibility of Leader is an aid in marketing, recruitment and image-building activities.

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