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KGHM, the world' s largest silver mine

KGHM, the world' s largest silver mine

Friday, 23 April, 2021
KGHM was ranked first among the "world's largest silver mines" in the World Silver Survey 2021. In turn, in the category of "largest silver producers" - Polish giant came in second.

In 2020, the KGHM Capital Group produced 1,352 tonnes of silver.

For many years, KGHM has held a high position among the world's leading silver producers. We were also ranked 1st/2nd in the World Silver Survey last year. In turn, last week the portal dedicated to investors reported that KGHM Polska Miedź is the first silver producer in the world.

KGHM sells this precious metal in the form of bars and granules and is one of the largest producers of silver metal. Silver is supplied in granulated form to factories producing materials for jewellery and metal works producing Ag-containing alloys. Silver in the form of bars goes mainly to financial institutions.


Silver production at KGHM

The production of silver at KGHM takes place at Głogów smelter, where there has been a Precious Metals Division since 1993. It was created specifically to recover the precious metals, silver and gold, present in the copper ore. These are found in the so-called 'black mud', or anode slime, produced during the electrorefining of copper. From cathode silver with an Ag content of more than 99.99 per cent, metallic silver is produced in the form of granules packaged in 25 kg bags and bars weighing approximately 1,000 troy ounces, which amounts to approximately 31.1 kg.


About the report

The World Silver Survey report is one of the most important annual reports that publishes a summary of the largest silver producers. It is being drawn up by a team of analysts from global metals markets. It includes a synthesis of key aspects of the white bullion market, extensive statistics and economic analysis.


Properties of silver:

  • in nature silver is rarely found as a pure metal - it occurs most often in the form of compounds with copper, lead, zinc and gold ores
  • it has unique physical properties - it is ductile and malleable, with a shiny lustre
  • has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity
  • has the brightest colour
  • was already valued in ancient times as a precious metal for jewellery making and as currency
  • at present silver is used, among other things, for the production of electrical and electronic equipment, filmstrips and panels, mirrors, musical instruments
  • thanks to its antibacterial properties, it has even been used in medicine to make surgical instruments and medications

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