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KGHM is building the first solar power plant in Poland using Industry 4.0 technology

KGHM is building the first solar power plant in Poland using Industry 4.0 technology

Wednesday, 09 September, 2020
KGHM ZANAM has begun construction of the only solar power plant in Poland based on Industry 4.0 technology in Legnica. A fully-functioning mini power plant has already been built near the site. Comprised of several dozen solar panels, the installation already serves as a charging point for the ZANPER, a battery-powered transport vehicle.


KGHM ZANAM’s solar power plant will operate based on Industry 4.0 technology, meaning it will be a fully automated and digitised facility, equipped with a virtual Control Room and constructed in compliance with the guidelines of the International Energy Agency as respects the development of solar power plants.

A high-definition monitoring system will facilitate system troubleshooting and the control of problems 24/7. The condition of the solar panels and inverters will be monitored by advanced analytical algorithms based on the processing of an enormous amount of data, machine learning and AI.

Construction of a solar power plant is a large step for us towards energy independence in terms of utilising renewable energy sources. It’s a key element of KGHM’s low-emissions energy policy and provides benefits to the local community,” says Bernard Cichocki, President of KGHM ZANAM.

Construction of the power plant will be completed in 2020, with annual energy production of around 3 GWh.


In accordance with KGHM’s strategy, by the year 2030 half of the energy needs of KGHM Polska Miedź will be provided by its own generating sources, including RES. Apart from KGHM ZANAM’s investment, KGHM is also involved in two other solar power plant projects: on the grounds of the Tailings Division storage facility and at the Głogów Copper Smelter and Refinery.


  • Area covered by the power plant – 39,535.00 m2;
  • The power plant will be equipped with 9,534 solar power panels; the panels alone will cover an area equivalent to 2.2 times the size of a football pitch, with a total length end-on-end of 15 km;
  • Total length of cables used in the power plant –142 km, with a total weight of copper in the cables of 4.3 tonnes;
  • Target power capacity – 3.146 MWp.
  • Annual energy production – around 3 GWh.

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