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KGHM is a leader in electromobility - the company invests in ecological solutions

KGHM is a leader in electromobility - the company invests in ecological solutions

Monday, 14 December, 2020
Four modern electric car charging stations are already operating in the Copper Region - KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. increases the number of ultra-fast charging points. In addition, the Copper Smelter Cedynia Branch has expanded its fleet by two electric forklifts. These are further elements in the implementation of the company's strategy, in which ecology and electromobility occupy key positions.

The charging station at KGHM's headquarters in Lubin was joined by three more: at Głogów smelter, Legnica smelter and Lubin mine. The points are accessible to the public and marked with parking spaces for electric cars only. Similarly to the launch of the station in Lubin, KGHM cooperated with the TAURON Group, which resulted in further joint investments.

The construction of charging stations is another step in implementing KGHM's strategy. The company invests in ecological solutions, with a view to a clean environment in the Copper Region. Copper is commonly used in electric vehicles.


Ecologically and economically

Another "green" element of the KGHM Group's operations are electric forklifts designed to operate the process line at the Copper Smelter Cedynia. Two vehicles will be used for continuous melting, casting and rolling of copper. This means that the production process in the smelter, which involves loading the furnace with cathodes, will be carried out with 100% electric trolleys. It has been initially calculated that the savings resulting from the operation of such a vehicle, as compared to a combustion engine, amount to approximately PLN 40 thousand per year.


KGHM in green

KGHM is systematically introducing a programme for improving energy efficiency and implementing innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption. The copper company is setting an example to other large Polish companies and is running, among others, an electric car testing project. The company's employees travelled several thousand kilometres in company electric cars, without emitting carbon dioxide or nitrogen into the atmosphere.

The second element of implementation of KGHM's strategy is also underground electromobility. The company is conducting tests with the electric car Sokół 4x4 and KGHM ZANAM has produced a new type of electric transport vehicle ZANPER.


Photovoltaics on the move

Additionally, KGHM, as one of the two largest electricity consumers in Poland, invests in Renewable Energy Sources, including photovoltaic projects. Investments will be made in several locations. In the vicinity of Legnica Copper Smelter, KGHM ZANAM has completed the construction of a modern photovoltaic power plant in 4.0 technology. The company also runs two other photovoltaic projects - Photovoltaic Power Plant (EPV) Piaskownia Obora and EPV Team HMG I-III.

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