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Hundreds of millions from taxes, donations and subsidies from KGHM for Lower Silesian communes and poviats – today is the Local Government Day

Hundreds of millions from taxes, donations and subsidies from KGHM for Lower Silesian communes and poviats – today is the Local Government Day

Friday, 27 May, 2022
Cooperation and good neighbourly relations – on the Local Government Day KGHM congratulates representatives of the communes and poviats of the Copper Belt and the entire Lower Silesia region. In 2021, the company donated over PLN 500 million from taxes to the local government - and this is just one form of support for the region's residents.

- KGHM participates and actively contributes to the local government initiatives in the communes and towns of the Copper Belt. We co-organise cultural or sporting events, make donations to activities that help the residents and care for health and physical activity. I would like to thank all the Commune Heads, Mayors, City Mayors and Starostes. Each of you makes an invaluable contribution to building a strong and modern Poland – wrote Marcin Chludziński, President of the Management Board of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., in a letter to the Marshal of the Lower Silesian Voivodship.

Taxes paid to the local government of the Copper Belt are not all that matters. Each year KGHM also donates significant funds to communes and poviats for the benefit of their residents. In 2021 alone the amount of this donation amounted to PLN 3 million. The support translated, among other things, into examinations and consultations in medical clinics, purchases of equipment and supplies for schools, health-promoting campaigns, trips to swimming pools for children, or replacing heat sources with environmentally friendly ones. Moreover, communes receive multi-million support as a result of agreements on new investments in the region.

KGHM cooperates financially on a number of pro-social initiatives in the Copper Belt. Together with the government, the copper company organises counseling and support, for example, as part of the Anti-Depression Week. Several hundred people benefited from the cost-free sessions. In addition, KGHM co-finances teenagers' research, workshops for parents and teachers. Guides and online materials on parenting topics are also provided.

The KGHM Foundation offers special support to the local government. In 2021, an amount of over PLN 20 million has been granted for the implementation of over 300 projects. In addition to organising cultural events, health care and hospital equipment, the money has supported local branches of voluntary fire brigades as well as the renovation of churches and other monuments in the region.

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