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Completed modular hospital in Legnica

Completed modular hospital in Legnica

Friday, 12 February, 2021
Nearly a hundred beds for COVID - 19 patients are now ready in the new modular hospital that has been built at the Regional Specialist Hospital in Legnica. KGHM, in accordance with government instructions and in cooperation with the Ministry of State Assets, is responsible for organising temporary medical facilities in Lower Silesia.

Since December last year, a temporary ward for coronavirus patients has been operating in Wałbrzych, in a building complex on Batorego Street. The top floor of the former paediatric ward has been adapted as a temporary hospital. There are 50 beds for sick residents of the region.

"KGHM responds to the needs and instructions of the government in accordance with our motto "we act - we care - we protect". The pandemic is a test for all of us in our responsibility and commitment to the common cause of fighting coronavirus. For many months we have been supplying medical facilities all over Poland with aid in the form of protective equipment or medical supplies. Efficient preparation of beds in temporary hospitals in Lower Silesia is our next step", said Marcin Chludziński, President of the Management Board of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

Modular hospital in Legnica according to plan

Adam Bugajczuk, KGHM's Vice President for Development, added that construction of the modular hospital in Legnica had gone according to plan. "The investment is a joint effort of many companies, including BIPROMET, a member of the KGHM Capital Group. As a result, a professional facility was created which will serve inhabitants of the Copper Belt not only in times of pandemics," said Adam Bugajczuk.

In addition to patient rooms and staff rooms, the modular hospital is equipped with treatment rooms and a modern emergency room. The facility was built from 40 modules that were transported to the site and put together.

The director of the hospital in Legnica, Anna Płotnicka-Mieloch, stresses that the modular hospital will continue to be used after the fight against the pandemic is over. More wards will be created there, including a psychiatric one.

KGHM is fighting the pandemic

At the Miedziowe Centrum Zdrowia (Copper Health Centre) in Lubin, which belongs to the KGHM Group, a ward for patients with coronavirus and suspected infection has been operating since November last year. The hospital can take more than 50 patients.

KGHM has been supporting medical staff for many months by donating protective equipment, including disinfectant fluid, to healthcare institutions. The copper company's foundation helps to purchase medical equipment. The Company's volunteers are also involved, providing assistance to elderly people from all over Lower Silesia as part of the Solidarity Senior Citizens Aid Corps.

Trivia from the construction of a modular hospital in Legnica:

  • Facility area: 1985 m2, 96 beds, including 20 beds in an observation room provided for enhanced patient monitoring
  • Number of modules forming the hospital: 40 modules
  • Number of workers involved in construction: 120 workers on site at peak
  • Quantity of construction materials used: facility is indirectly supported on 324 steel pales, steel structure - 170 tons
  • Length of installation - medical oxygen: 360 m of installation and over 100 oxygen points and liquid oxygen tank - 6 tons, water installation: 2 km, IT network: 7 km, internal electrical installations - 20 km, external wiring - 1 km and 5 air handling units on the roof

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