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Clean energy in KGHM. The first photovoltaic power plant in 4.0 technology has been launched in Poland

Clean energy in KGHM. The first photovoltaic power plant in 4.0 technology has been launched in Poland

Thursday, 03 December, 2020
The photovoltaic power plant built by KGHM ZANAM has a capacity of 3 MWp. The installation will satisfy nearly half the demand for electricity of the Legnica-based ZANAM plant. This is part of the implementation of KGHM's strategy aimed at increasing energy self-sufficiency and the use of Renewable Energy Sources.

- According to our strategy, we want to cover half of our energy needs from our own sources, including RES, by 2030. In the mining and smelting industry this is an extremely ambitious goal. We are not wasting time and are developing photovoltaic projects. The green megawatts of the KGHM ZANAM power plant are already flowing - comments Marcin Chludziński, President of the Management Board of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.


Computerised and automated

The KGHM ZANAM photovoltaic power plant is the first fully computerised and automated power plant in Poland operating in 4.0 technology. The facility is equipped with a virtual control room and a modern High Resolution Monitoring System, which enables precise and complete monitoring of the technical condition 24/7. The annual energy production level will be around 3 GWh.

- This is the first power plant  of such type in Poland. Innovative, environmentally friendly and efficient. We have built it in accordance with the directions recommended by the International Energy Agency for the development of photovoltaic plants. This is our contribution to the implementation of the policy of low-carbon energy economy in KGHM and a real source of energy for our plant in Legnica - says Bernard Cichocki, President of KGHM ZANAM.


Innovative solutions

The solutions used in the newly opened photovoltaic power plant offer many possibilities, including the possibility to configure automatic alarms,  which reduces the response time to potential faults. Advanced analytical algorithms based on Big Data processing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are used to monitor the technical condition of the photovoltaic panels and inverters.


Consistent strategy execution

In line with the strategy of Polska Miedź S.A., by 2030, as much as half of KGHM's energy needs will be covered with its own sources, including RES. In addition to the investment of KGHM ZANAM, KGHM is also running other photovoltaic projects: Photovoltaic Power Plant (EPV) at Obora Sand Mine and EPV HMG I-III Unit. These are the components of the strategic programme named "Development of Power Engineering, including RES". The programme is based, among other things, on obtaining clean energy from wind power plants, increasing production from own gas sources and developing photovoltaic plants in land owned by KGHM.


The KGHM ZANAM photovoltaic power plant in figures:

  • PV generator power - 3.146 MWp
  • energy source - solar energy
  • development area - 39,535.00 sq.m.
  • location - KGHM ZANAM in Legnica
  • number of panels - 9 534 pcs.
  • annual energy production - 3 GWh

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