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An American mine of KGHM awarded for Legacy Waste Rock Remediation

An American mine of KGHM awarded for Legacy Waste Rock Remediation

Wednesday, 07 October, 2020
KGHM’s Robinson mine in the USA has received the Nevada Excellence in Mine Reclamation Award in the category Legacy Waste Rock Remediation for reclamation of its Lane City Waste Rock Facility (WRF).

The Lane City WRF was created from the mid-1950s to the 1970s, pre-dating reclamation regulations in the state of Nevada. The need for restoring the WRF was initiated both by the Robinson mine as well as by the state of Nevada.

Reclamation of the Lane City WRF involved the regrading of slopes and the addition of limestone as a buffering agent, followed by covering the crown and other surfaces with growth media and seed. A new storm water drainage system was constructed that prevents contact with natural water at the site. This method of reclamation not only secures the facility in terms of its stability, but also protects the state’s water, which is one of the primary goals of environmental protection in Nevada. The changes are clearly evident to the naked eye – re-seeding has enabled the terrain to return to its natural state.

This award for reclamation is an expression of the commitment by the Robinson mine to protection of the environment and the communities in which KGHM operates. The actions taken by the company to support sustainable management of the natural environment have been recocognised by the state of Nevada, while Governor Steve Sisolak has congratulated the mine on Twitter, where he wrote that the award was entirely deserved.

The open-pit Robinson mine is located in White Pine county, Nevada, USA, at an elevation of 2 130 m a.s.l. Its main product is copper concentrate, molybdenum and gold.

More information on the actions taken by KGHM to protect the environment in Poland and North America may be seen in a film dedicated to this subject.

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