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Ambassador of Poland: the awards committee completed its deliberations! Meet the nominees in the KGHM’s contest

Ambassador of Poland: the awards committee completed its deliberations! Meet the nominees in the KGHM’s contest

Tuesday, 20 September, 2022
Scientists, athletes, artists... - outstanding Poles who are successful all over the world have also won the hearts of the members of the awards committee of the Ambassador of Poland 2022 competition. On Monday, September 19, at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, deliberations were held to determine the winners of the competition.

The KGHM, as an ambassador of Poland’s economy, attaches special importance to the promotion of outstanding individuals who, through their commitment and work in various areas of life, promote a positive image of the country.

“As a global company, we know how important it is to promote Poland outside its borders. Building a positive image of our country on the international arena is an important and a responsible task. It is carried out, among others, by Polish scientists, artists, and athletes conducting their activities abroad. It is they who are the Ambassadors of Poland in their daily work and through their activities they strengthen the image of our nation in the eyes of the world,” said Marcin Chludziński, the President of the Management Board of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. and the originator of the contest.


Meet the nominees

Between August 23 and September 4, anyone could nominate their candidate using the online form at: From all entries, ten finalists were selected in three categories: ambassador of Polish science, ambassador of Polish sports, and ambassador of Polish culture.


Nominees in the culture category:

  1. Sara Dragan
  2. Andrzej Sapkowski
  3. Artur Dutkiewicz
  4. Rafał Blechacz
  5. Sara James
  6. Krystian Ochman
  7. Motion Trio
  8. Bartłomiej Nizioł
  9. Jerzy Maksymiuk
  10. Piotr Paleczny

Nominees in the sports category:

  1. Iga Świątek
  2. Robert Lewandowski
  3. Kamil Semeniuk
  4. Katarzyna Niewiadoma
  5. Natalia Kaczmarek
  6. Aleksandra Lisowska
  7. Bartosz Kurek
  8. Adrian Castro
  9. Bartosz Zmarzlik
  10. Pia Skrzyszowska

Nominees in the science category:

  1. Jan Lubiński
  2. James Pawelczyk
  3. Krzysztof M. Górski
  4. Kamil Wroński
  5. Jarosław Duda
  6. Grzegorz Pietrzyński
  7. Karolina Mikulska-Rumińska
  8. Bożena Kamińska-Kaczmarek
  9. Piotr Rzymski
  10. Anna Łosiak


The winners of the plebiscite were selected by the awards committee whose members were: Marcin Chludziński, President of the Management Board of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.; Piotr Gliński, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Culture and National Heritage; Piotr Ćwik, deputy head of the Office of the President of the Republic of Poland; Anna Czajczyk, advisor to the Minister of Education and Science; Wojciech Fałkowski, Director of the Royal Castle in Warsaw; Barbara Schabowska, Director of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute; Agnieszka Kamińska, President of the Polish Radio; Mateusz Widłak, President of Amp Futbol Poland; Wiktor Świetlik, Polish Press Agency; Robert Solek, Deputy Director of corporate affairs for the Polish Television; Marek Moszyński, Polish Space Agency; Piotr Dardziński, President of the Łukasiewicz Research Network; Tomasz Majewski - Vice President of the Polish Athletics Association; and Ireneusz Eric Lubaczewski - Executive Director of the Polish Chamber of Commerce in the USA.


The grand finale already in October

The winners of the Ambassador of Poland competition will be announced during the grand finale on October 6. However, you can still become a part of the KGHM’s project by taking part in the vote to select the winner of the Voter’s Award. Go to today and choose your favorite. Voting will continue until September 23.

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